What if. . . .?

And you thought nuclear terrorism was bad!

A couple of years ago a college student accidently discovered what America's enemies were, well, uh, "cooking up." When he attempted to sound a warning and investigate a proper response to this danger the FBI arrested him for possessing dangerous biologicals. His arrest was broadcast all around the world in an effort to 'link' him with those frightening militias and generally ruin him. He actually planned on using the sample germs in a 'reaction test.' (That is a test for the prevention of contagious disease and is performed according to established medical standards.) His testing was under the auspices of the CDC, but the CDC of course now denies this. To everyone's surprise, possession of such bacteria, and what he was doing, was not illegal. Since the federales pride themselves in 'always' getting their man (on something), they charged him with telephoning across state borders without first giving the party on the other end his own originating phone number (under an obsolete Jim Crow law); and they called it "wire fraud!" Really.

Do you announce your phone number to your mother every time you call her in that state next door? No? You say she already knows it and, besides, she has Caller ID. You should be ASHAMED!! That's against federal law. You will go to jail if "they" are watching you. His credibility was damaged by the charges but at the trial, when he was attempting to personally explain his predicament to the judge, the judge, understanding what had happened, remarked "You have nothing to apologize for."

This brainstorm is aimed at those who, like me, would never give up their guns until 'they' pry our cold, dead fingers from around them. Imagine with me this possible scenario:

What would you do if your local authorities suddenly issued an immediate mandatory evacuation in genuine response to an approaching mist laden with bubonic plague (the Black Death) microbes? Having had no advance warning, you, and yours, would likely be among the first to rush for the evacuation transport trucks lined up to get the population to the 'hastily' prepared health emergency camps.

NO! You can't take your own vehicle. . .it might have germs already contaminating it. Nor would you be allowed to take ANYTHING with you because some of your possessions might also be already contaminated! (Get it? No family photos, clothes, books, Bibles, weapons, etc.)

Think of what you're leaving behind, and do you really know what your world might be like when (or if) you are allowed to return? Oh sure, the authorities would provide the evacuated regions nominal protection from looters, but what if some rogue, or rogue agency decides to inspect your property while you are absent? No chance for you to protest under some supposed Constitutional grounds. Don't worry about martial law having suspended your privacy rights, etc.. You won't even be there to protest on any grounds!

Sound far-fetched? Not at all. Congress reports that biological terrorism is far more likely than nuclear terrorism and the experts say that nuclear terrorism is only a question of when, not if.

Learn how to actually protect yourself and your family from biological agents (disease bugs) that provide the pretext for this possible scenario!

Learn from Larry Harris, the same author and microbiologist heard on shortwave radio, and who has the full attention of the Australian, Canadian, and British governments. It was he who first sounded the alert on the germ warfare risk to America. Now for the first time you can see for yourself how America's foreign enemies would treat us, and our leaders were too afraid to tell you. A condensed, quick read, version of his book:

Yes, Ric. I want to see the only Civil Defense manual for Biological Warfare.