"Righteous Dude"

Welcome to Richard Finke's farm country outpost in Cyberspace. This, my 'outpost,' is located at Rushing Spring Farm, the Finke Farm, on the banks of Rushcreek Lake, in eastern Fairfield County, Ohio. Delightfully fresh spring water rushes continually out of the springhouse, past the ol'Winegardner Barn, and on into the lake from there.

It is from here that I link to the outside world via the Internet, and by operating amateur radio station KB8WS. The brown handicap-van, with the "Righteous Dude" logo, that I drive is also garaged there in one of the farm buildings.

For the more practical bread-and-butter aspects I do bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and notary work as Finke Business Services.

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