States are in Alphebetical Order
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State: Alaska
City: Kodiak
Location: Sawmill & Monashka
Trails Name: Sawmill
More info: email me at or post a messege on
Protyle and I shoul get to you

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Location: 42nd Street and Thomas
Trails Name: 42nd Scrubs
More Info:,,

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Location: 3rd Avenue and Rosegarden
Trails Name: Rosegarden
More Info:

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Location: 16th Street and Union Hills
Trails Name: North Canyon
More Info:

State: Arizona
City: Paradise Valley
Location: 92nd Street and Raintree
Trails Name: Goat's
More Info:

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Location: 46th Street and Camelback
Trails Name: Ro's
More Info:

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Location: 19th Avenue and Beardsley
Trails Name: Beardsley
More Info: Check out Props #23

State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Location: 34 avenue and Alemedia (Near Happy Valley Road)
Trails Name: Backyard Trails
More Info:

State: Arizona
Location: Fort Mcdowell Casino
Trails Name: Rodeo Grounds
More Info:
Nice Rhythnm and a sick KOD (25 foot take-off, 30 foot landing)
Pro contest held there once .
Two words to explain it: BAD ASS!

State: Arizona
City: Mesa
Location: McLelan and 64th
Trails name: 64th street trails

State: Arizona                               
City: Glendale
Location: 43-Rd Ave-North of Happy Valley Road
Trails Name: Hidden Trails
More Info: Dope 10 Pack, Trick Set, 24 Pack Kiddy, etc. or BRCSPEEDTEAM@JUNO.COM

State: Alberta ( CANADA )
City: Calgary
Location: at the end of memorial drive in the n.e. s.e. area. you go
behind the church and accross the train tracks and its right before youreyes.
Trails name: SHUV TRAILS
More info: see local bike shops

state: California
city: Barstow
location: by robertos boretoes
trails name: goat hills
more info: Flash gordon toth

State: California
City: Sanjose
Location: down senter into wildlife park. in a creek
Trails name: "Backtrails"
More info:

State: California
City: Camarillo
Location: Upland Road, by Terra Bella
Trails Name: Upland Trails (all rythm)
More Info:

State: California
City: Riverside
Location: Top o`Pierce St. by Indiana St.
Trails Name: Pierce Hills
More Info:

State: California
City: Carlsbad
Location: By the la costa resort
Trails Name: the lagoon trails
More Info: You better hurry up and come here because I think its about to get PLOWED!

STATE : California
CITY : Apple Valley
LOCATION : Behind Thrifty's ( Right Aid ) On Navajo by carwash
TRAILS NAME : Old Neighborhood or Thrifty
MORE INFO: It is a bad place but little kids who can't jump big doubles shouldn't go there.

State: Connecticuit
City: Oakville

Location: Across the road from Swift Jr High
Trails Name: Dookie Trails

State: Colorado
City: Greeley
Location:west tenth
Trails Name: Snake Hill
More Info: Its rad.we have some awsome locals here and thasts about it

State: Florida   
City: Deltona
Location: Off Humphrey
Trails Name: Alternative Trails
More Info: "The Pros Like Them"

State: Georgia
City: Douglasville
Location: Douglasville, GA
Trails Name: Beaver Trails
More Info:

State: Kentucky
City: Paducah
Location: " In the stix "
Trails Name: B.F.K Trails ( email more info for what it stands for )
More Info:

State: Louisiana
City: Baton Rouge
Location: Behind Corey Altezans house in Central
Trails Name: " Central "
More Info: "Come for the Cajun Classic in June and ride the trails after" 

State: Los Angeles
City: Haughton
Location: 2208 Benton Rd., Bossier City, LA.
Trails Name: Dogwood Trails
More Info:

State: Maine
City: Gray
Location: By the big apple
Trails Name: PBY
More Info:

State: Maryland
City: Raytown

Location: in some woods on Ford Road.
Trails Name: "Raytown Trails"

State: Massachusetts
City: Winchendon
Location: Winchendon heights
Trails name: D.R.T. Dirt Road Trails
Other info: or

State: Massachusetts
City: Cummington (Near Northampton)
Location: The back of the Ball field on Main street
Trails Name: Cummington Trails
More Info:

state: Massachusettes
city: West Bridgewater
location: Near corner market
trails name: tricky trails
more info:

State: Massachusettes
City: Bridgewater
Location: Walnut st. off of rt.104, follof dirt
road out behind field and down path in woods.
Trails Name: 575 trails
More Info: dirt road is just after "Bernier's Store".

State: Massachusetts
City: Dracut
Location: behind the middle school
Trails name: Mounds of Doom
More Info:

State: Massachusetts
City: Pembroke
Location: In my backyard
Trails Name: Wild Trails
More Info: My trails consist of a 6 pack, tabletop, a big qaud, and a trick
set.Some other small rythms too. for directions email -->

State: Michigan
City: Clarkston
Location: I-75 and clarkston road
Trails Name: Clarkston
More Info: albes mailorder bike shop. (810) 264-1151

State: Michigan
City: Tipton
Location: 7642 carson hwy off of M-50
Trails Name: T.O.D (Tons of dirt)
More info:

State: Michigan
City: Stevensville
Location: Email more for more info E-mail me at
Trails Name: Rootdown
More Info: The trails are under construction but we have a nice style jump and
a six pack. E-mail me at

State: Mississippi
City: Biloxi
Location: next to chinese express
Trails Name: i don't know yet
More Info: phone # is 228 -374-1158 if your in the area give me a call

State: Mississippi
City: Brandon
Location: Not sure call for more info
Trails Name: i don't know, but brad skinner and chris mcneece built them
More Info: big jumps and a k.o.d with a9ft tall lip. Call jack skinner
at 601-825-3613 and ask for brad(his son)they are behind brad's house

State: Missouri
City: Florrisant
Location: Patterson & lawnview
Trails Name: Wehaupt
More Info: on the weekends we roll in riders from every where, we average 100
people on Sat. mostly IL,MO residents. come on out email:

State: Montana
Location: In some woods on Ford Rd.
Trails Name: ??****??
More Info:

State: New Jersey
City: Cherry Hill
Location: Croppwell Rd
Trails Name: Sharpe Hills
More Info:

State: New Jersey
City: Cherry Hill
Location: Harrowgate Drive
Trails Name: Hayhill Trails
More Info:

State: New Jersey
City: West Deptford
Location: Behind West Deptford plaza across from WaWa on Deleware street
More Info:

State: New Jersey
City: Mt. Ephriam
Location: Off Black Horse Pike across from Taco Bell, down that road there is train
tracks cross them and your there.
Trails Name: KIKERS
More Info: These trails are changing all the time. We have a big step up, Big set of
quads, two side by side sets of rhythms, and a 20 pack of small rhythms contact-

State: New York
City: Port Washington,Long Island
Location: Behind the Thompson Industries Building
Trails Name: The Pits
More Info: If you need directions, call  (516)767-1080

State: New York
City: Endwell
Location: Behind the Burger King, Through the tunnel
Trail Name: ETC (endwell trail crew)

State: New York
City: Kirkville
Location: Peck road, in the low 8000's. Behind grey house. Ask around.
Trailz name: Peck trailz (SICK!)
More info:

State: Ohio
City: Lancaster
Location: Memorial Drive behind K-mart
Trails Name: K-Mart Trails
More Info:

State: Ohio
City: Baltimore
Location: Find Basil Lumber, go to the front door and look to your left....see that gravel
                   drive way at the end of the street? Follow it back to the woods.
Trails Name:  ( pending )
More Info: ( 614-862-6490 ) = ask for chad or  ( 614-862-6844 ) = ask for Casey
                    we will also be having a "digging jam" anyone who wants to come and build should contact us : )

State: Ohio
City: Union
Location: Off of 48 on the first street after Carry Out / Car wash
Trails Name: 3-Hills

State: Ohio
City: Mansfield
Location: Behind the Krogers and Flea Market on W. 4th St.
Trails Name:  Chuck's Trails,
Kroger's Trails, whatever...
Directions: Off of I-71, take Rt. 30 West and get off at the Trimble Rd.
                    exit. Turn left and go through several lights. Turn left at the Motomart
                    (4th St.) and park in the Kroger's lot just down the road. The trails are
                    straight back to the left of the flea market in the woods.
                    More Info:

State: Ohio
City: Berea
Location: On the shores of Coe Lake...
Trails Name: Coe Lake
Directions: turn right off 71 to the Bagley Rd. exit for Berea (south of
                Cleveland)and turn left onto Bagley. Go through 5 lights or so, and turn
                left on Eastland Rd (right by Baldwin Wallace College). Turn right at the
                next light, and left on the first street after that. Park in the street by
                the cemetary. The trails are behind the American Legion and the cemetary on
                the shore of the lake.
More Info:

State: Ohio
City: Middleberg Heights
Location: in some neighborhood in the woods
Trails Name: Greenie
Directions:  go left off of 71 on to bagely turn left at second light (fry
road).turn right at first light (sheldon road) turn right again at first
light. You will pass a convienient store and rail road tracks turn left
at next light. Go until you see a patch of woods to your right theres a
trail off into the right That is Greenie and there is no "s" at the end
of Greene
More Info:   or

State: Ohio
Trails name: Schrader's or L.A.S.T.
Directions: Schraders have been plowed....why does this always happen to good trails?
More Info:

State: Ohio
City: Powell (North of Columbus)
Location: in the country on some lady's field
Trails name: Powell, or Crazy J's
Directions: off of 270 somewhere NW of Columbus
More Info: Call Tom, Brian, Jason, or Marty at (614)-294-8699 for directions
and more info.

State: Ohio
City: Westerville (NE of Columbus)
Location: In the woods by the AMA
Trails name: AMA
Directions: Take 270 East off of I-71, get off at the Cleveland Ave. exit and
                turn left. Go for a while, and just before you get to Main St., turn right.
                Then you will turn left onto a rough gravel road, and go back and park by the
                pond where the road turns left. The trails are right in the woods in the
More Info: Call Tom, Brian, Jason, or Marty at (614)-294-8699.

State: Ohio
City: Norwalk
Location: it's off of main street start at court house turn left at pleasant st turn
                off into the park go ride across bridge on bike turn right and keep on walkin.
Trails Name: 18 13 Trails
More Info:

state: Ohio
city:middleberg hts.
location:Newton rd.left off of Smith {130th} path on right into woods
tril name: Greene trails
information: huge doubles,huge packs, huge air, smiling faces.

State: OHIO
City: Louisville
Trails Name: WOODYS
More Info: N/A

CITY: Brookville
LOCATION: behind dairy queen
INFO: run down but should be back up by summer '98
E-MAIL: for more directions or to help build at

State: Ohio
City: shreve (south of wooster)
Location: in the woods behind my house
Trails Name: Wildwoods
More Info:from wooster go south on rt.226 and turn onto force rd to the right
near shreve. go until the road makes a curve i am the 3rd drivway on the
right AFTER THE TURN. go left on the driveway and park on the cement i have a
little wooden jump on the cement so dont hit it. tell me
before you come or you wont ride. Right now i have a small rythem section and
a 5 ft. double and two crappy jumps i am building constantly so come and
help(tell me first)
More Info: or 330-496-2243

State: OHIO
Trails Name: TARD LOCAL

State: Ohio
City: Dayton
Location: Behind baseball fields back in the woods, The park is called
Trails Name: NOVA
More Info: Plenty of doubles back to back. Don't bring any trash, Trails are
about to be torn down if there's any more problem.  email:

State: Ohio
City: Cincinnati
Location: Go down Cross County Highway to the Colrain exit and at the exit go
down to the Blockbuster and behind it there will be a trail follow that and there they are.
Trails Name: ?
More Info:

State: Otago ( NEW ZEALAND )
City: Dunedin,New Zealand
Location: Brighton RD Brighton
Trails name: Chunky trails
More info: The only trails in New Zealand And we are good.

State: Pennsylvania
City: Pittsburg
Location: Gass Road ( behind Highcliff Elementary )
Trails Name: 40.oz Trails
More Info:
More Info:

State: Pennyslvania
City: Lock Haven

Location: By the River
Trails Name: Helltrack
More Info:

state: Pennsylvania
city: Hermitage
location: Rombold rd.
Trail name: Rom8old trails

State: Pennsylvania
City: Aliquippa
Location: Get off route 60, exit on to route 151, follow until you come
                to Columbia Propane, Turn right, follow for about a quater mile. You
                should come to a stop sign, just keep going strait. You'll come to
                another stop sign and there will be a fork right in front of the stop
                sign. Keep going strait. about 1000 ft from the last stop sign there
                will be an address 3360 turn into this driveway. the trails will be on
                your left.
Trails name: 151 Trails
More info: or (724-375-2074)-ask for ryan

State: Pennslyvania
City: Quaketown
Location:On 309 in Quakertown. Behind the sunoco gas station. Go up
            the road to the back and go to the big clearing, then go to your right
            and up a trail till' you see some kick ass jumps. Of there is anyone
            there and they ask who you are just tell them and say that Brian
            Saulinas sent you. If jermey roth(standard sta) is there and tells you
            to leave you beter leave. If jermey foote(green standard?) is there and
            tell you to leave then leave. If mark ormen is there(haro blamo) then
            dont really listen to him.
More info:

State: Pennsylvania
City: Pittsburgh
Location: Behind Hills in Whitehall
Trails Name: P.U.S.H.
More Info:

State: Pennsylvania
City: Pittsburgh
Location: Behind Carmult School by Brookline
Trails Name: Carmult Trails
More Info:

State: Pennsylvania
City: Pittsburgh
Location: Kline Place off of Robertson off of McNielly off of Route 88
Trails Name: Cactus Jack's
More Info:

State: Pennsylvania
City: Doylestown
Location: In field along 313
Trails Name: Brook Side
More Info:

State: Pennsylvania
City: Bethlehem
Location: Off 191, across the street from the Uni Mart
Trails Name: Uni
More Info: These trails are under construction and they will kick some ass
when we are done.  email :

State: Pennsylvania
City: Lancaster (near York)
Location: in between Marietta and Columbia at Chickies Park (lower section)
Trails Name: the bowl
More Info:

State: Pennsylvania
City: Titusville
Location: In the middle of the woods, ask a local when you get there
More Info:

State: Texas
Location: Fort Worth(Benbrook)
Trails name: Z Boaz
More Info:

State: Texas
City: Plano
Location: in some woods near Carlisle
Trails Name: no name right now
More Info: or

state: Texas
City:  Katy   
Location: on a abandoned street next to a highschool football stadium
Trails Name: butthole pirate trails
More Info:

State: Texas
City: Houston
Location: Antonie Near Clifton Middle School
Trails Name: Monster Trails
More Info: They have just been started but they got grave yards, 3" and 4" doubles

State: Texas
City: Liberty Hill
Location: Durham Park-8 mi. outside LH
Name: 55 Trails
More Info: Keep it real.

State: Texas
City: Houston
Location: Hershey Park on Wilcrest. After the Bayou, on the right you'll see a
thin trail that takes you a mile or so out to the trails.
Trails Name: Ant Hills
More Info: Call Bike Barn at 281-558-2234. Some guys that work there built the trails.

State: Utah
City: Pineview
Trails Name: Pineview
More Info: nobody gave me directions so email this dude for them:

State: Virgina
City: Virginia Beach
Location: "In some woods near collge park"
Trails Name: Ipswitch
More Info:

State: Virginia
City: Sterling
Location: "In some woods in the Cascades"
Trails Name: no-name
More Info:

State: Washington
City: Redmond
Location: Go East on Inglewood Hill Drive off E. Lake Sammamish Parkway. =
                Wind up the hill to 212th N.E. Look for a newspaper recycling drop on =
                the right hand side. Park in the turnout and look for the trailhead =
                across the road from the parking spot.=20
Trails Name: Inglewood
More Info:

State: Washington
City: Seattle
Location: By Greenlake park
Trails Name: Lower Woodland
More info:

State: Wisconsin
City: Wales
Location: call me for info.
Trails Name: Gator Pits. This place isn't really trails but a miniture BMX
track (with some berms). 2 dropoff jumps. Beware of the first because if
your goin' fast, your gonna crash into the sharp berm.
More Info: or (414) 549-9016 or W270 S4005 Heather Ct.
Waukesha, WI 53189

State: Wisconsin
City: Nakoosa
Location: Lyne hill rd.
Trails Name:  SOD (son's of dirt)
Info: The trails are for good jumper they can be hard to jump we have some
big jumps like 6 foot tall and 14 foot gaps we have all kinds of jumps like
dubs, tables, rytem sections and a pit jumps. All the jumps fill 2 acers
and we have several pros that ride ower trails. And the trails are ten
miles away form Cental Wisconsin bmx track. Some factory standerd riders
have said the trails are awsome so come and see for your self. email:


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