Mecca Street Ride

I snatched a MECCA flyer thinking I'd never remember about it because at the time it was winter and the ride was during the end of summer.  Guess what, I did remember and here is what went down.

    I showed up around 9:15 to notice there were only a couple of people at the parking lot on High & Long street. About 15 to be exact.   Hmm I wondered where's everyone at.  9:15 ticked by and gradually groups of   people started showing up and before I knew it there were approximately 45 people on hand which was more than I had expected.  We took off, all 45 of us and headed to the state house where all of us got up on the steps, with our bikes, and had our picture taken by some guy with a mullet.
    Everyone was having a good time, although the group was really too big to do much real street.  We ended up mostly cruising and hitting a ledge here, waiting for someone to icepick a rail or whatever when we noticed lights.  Yep the cops were here to tell us to stay off the streets. That's it. I know because I stayed and didn't run from them like all the others.  My little group of eight stayed and talked to the cop, got lectured a little, and then rode by our selves until morning. While we rode off we saw another cop chasing the huge group of bikers that were running.  One guy jumped intentionally right out infront of a cop! Well as the cop swerved to miss the rider he slammed into a big metal trash can making all kinds of noise and ruckus. All the cops got out of there cars and maced a whole bunch of nearby riders, bagged there bikes, took them downtown and locked them up for the night.
    My group and I were fortunate enough not to be seen by the cops and we rode on into sunset.  Seriously. Until 6:45 that morning.  That was like one of the funniest nights ever! I'll never forget it.