Local, and not so local news


Schrader's may be getting plowed to build a new alotment, and the neighbor's are getting pissed at people going there all the time and parking out in front and stuff.  So soon Schrader's will be no more. R.I.P Schraders. 

I am also going to try to convert this page to all Ohio Trail scenes and not like just the local ones around me. Chuck Lambert will be writing up some reviews of various Ohio Trails that I can't get to. So uhh... a big thanx to Chuck Lambert if you want to email him about something in Ohio go for it. 


MECCA is June 20th.  That's in 9 days so be ready to attend the all night street ride session.  I have made a basic page on the MECCA street ride.  GO HERE ---> and get ready to go. MECCA PAGE


RUMOR has it that Lancaster, Ohio will be getting a skatepark.  There was a big article about it on the Frontpage of the Eagle Gazette.  I'll try to get it scanned and put it on so everyone can read.  One bad thing though, it doesn't talk one bit about bikers, just rollerbladers and skateboarders.  To me it seemed they were excluding bikers.  What's new?  Oh well, nothing a petition can't fix I hope.



This also goes for BIKERS! YESS.

skatepark.JPG (76892 bytes)


I broke my foot doing a feeble grind on a 1/4 at Chenga. Can't ride for a month or so.   I also have a small crack on my Fueler's rear left dropout weld.   Everything is going wrong!  On a happier note: My brother and some friends will be on the news for helping with and riding in the Lancaster skatepark demo, and I got Dropkick Murphys Do or Die CD.