Over View of the NBL Classic if you missed it.

The first thing I noticed was that it was in a different place than last year. It was in the new convention center that is much bigger.
The first day was kinda lame. Not many tents were up, not many pros were there. In other words if you missed the first day you didn't miss
much unless you wanted to do some shopping. Speaking of shopping there were about 5 or 6 different shops; all with killer deals on stuff. I personally liked the 5.00 Props Videos from Dans! Hopefully you made it the first day if you needed to buy something because after that stuff just started dissapearing. Well not literally.

The second day was way better than the first but I thought there would be Dirt Jumping qualifiers! There wasn't. I asked someone and the Dirt Jumping was only on the last day. By 1:30 most of the tents were up and the free stickers and brochures were out! The Props trailer was giving away old issues Tread Magazine which made my friends happy. NBL's stand was giving away all kinds of free stickers and they also had there videos playing with racing from SouthPark. Huffy seemed to keep a lower profile this year than last but they still had there huge trailer and bike display including a bright yellow haro monocoque for some reason. The Dk Trailer was there but no free stickers??? Whats up with that? They were playing some videos inside a tent but not many people could watch them because of the small space. Gt's Tent sucked. You wouldn't even have known they were there if it weren't for Charles Townsend manualing around it. Now for the best tent..drum roll please.............STANDAR'S tent kicked but! They had a huge screen tv and they were debuing the new Standard Video. I forget the name of it. But you should definently get the video! It was awesome, tons of real street, and killer dirt jumping. Standards tent always seemed to be out of stickers though. But hey if you asked Robbie Morales for some he'll have'm. I swear he's the coolest rider I talked to there.

The third day was the best and I wonder why?? The Dk Dirt Jumping was taking place almost all day long. There were 90 entries and I was ready to see the hectic mess that would take place when all these guys went for practice one right behind the other. Well that wasn't too bad.
The qualifers were kick'n! Van Homen who was traded to Schwinn was with them for about 15 minutes then went back to Standard. He qualified first, I think Chris Ducan qualified second and Barspinner third. Those may not be correct, I need the official stats. Foster couldn't
jump at all not even in practice because on the 2nd day he hurt his knee again doing a can can. Some kid that was shop sponsored took his place and did pretty good, by pulling some cool no footed can cans, no footers, and dead sailors. Well, good considering he was 14. Ien Schwartz who I have rode with a few times was there but looked a little sketchy. Probable a little nervous. He was still going off thought with a sweet no footed toboggan. Other guys of worthy mention would be Chris Duncan and his double barspin to barspin. Taj pulling 360's over the first set then a tailwhip over the second. Ruel Erickson wasn't there too long but left an impression on my mind by pulling a decade to frame, and trying a 360 tailwhip I think. Chuck did some cool table tops, of course. Fuzzy won it and by pulling stuff like superman tabletops and 360 table tops.

The Dk Dirt Jumping final statics were:

1.Fuzzy Hall
3. Chris Duncan
5. Van Homen


Sorry most of the pictures that my crony took didn't turn out very good. I still have to get some pictures devolped so be on the look out. oh yeh I haven't takent the time to talk about it but I will eventually <grin>

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