My BMX Dictionary Page!

Air: When a rider goes up a ramp, then gets airborne and turns a 180 before re-entering the same ramp. Matt Hoffman has the highest airs of anybody...25 ft!!!

Alley Oop: Doing an air or grind in which you are traveling backwards through the air ( or the coping )

BMX: Bicycle Motocross

Bunnyhop: Doing a jump without using anything for a takeoff ramp. Brian Lopes is the current champion bunny hopper, he cleared 48 inches!

Coping: The piece of metal piping along the tops of some ramps.

Cruiser: A BMX bike with a 24 inch wheel base.

Detangler: A device that allows you to spin your handlebars around without tangling up your rear brake cable.

Extreme: The most over-used adjective in the world today. To use the word "extreme" without sounding like a kook, say something like, "Dave Mirra goes extremely high. Never say stupid things like, " Sheesh that was an extreme 360".

Fakie: Going up a ramp, stalling then rolling back down into the ramp backwards.

Flatbottom: The flat part of a half pipe in between the two transitions.

Flatland: Freestyle tricks performed on the ground. Two Awesome flatlanders are Aaron Behnke, and Chad Degroot.

Goofy-foot: Riding with your right pedal forward and doing airs to the right, or vice versa.

Halfpipe: A "U" shaped ramp.

Holeshot: Getting the best gate start in your race. The awsomest, Danny Nelson.

Loop: Another term for backflip.

Main: The final event at a BMX race.

Manual: Doing a stand-up coasting wheelie without pedaling. Manuals can be done on the street, ramps, trails, or anything else you may come across.

Moto: A qualifying round at a BMX race. The riders who do the best in their motos can then transfer to the mains.

Nothing: Taking both hands and both feet off your bike in the air so that no one part of your body is touching the bike. Ron Wilkerson invented it. Also see CRAZY.

Pumping: Using your arms and legs to help increase your speed on a ramp or through rhythm sections.

Superman: One of the most popular jumps today. To do a superman, riders take both feet off the pedals and then try to get as far back behind the bike as possible.

Tabletop: Laying your bike completely flat in the air.

Transitions: The part of the ramp that is curved.

Truckdriver: Doing a 360 jump while spinning the handlebars 360 degrees at the same time. This is also MY FAVORITE.

Vert: A straight up-and-down ramp.

X-Up: A trick in which the rider turns the handle bars 180 degrees and pretzels his arms.