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Bob and Vera have more than person-years experience in teaching and applying physical chemistry, physics and mathematics to practical problems.  We specialize in generating simple solutions to complex problems. Focus areas include:


  • Applied physical chemistry

  • Environmental chemistry (air,water)

  • Custom model and spreadsheet development for business and science applications 



Our teaching experience is at all levels: grade school, high school and college.  Our applications experience includes work for numerous government agencies, industries, and trade associations.

Now semi-retired, we would like to help you with your next technical emergency.  Be it consultation concerning a technical issue with your business or tutoring to get you on the right track at school, we can help.  Our fees are value based on a case-by-case basis (no gain, no pain).

We offer custom hay mowing and baling for clients located within a few miles of our farm.  For more information on hay and vegetables, see our Farm Products page.

Mercedes for sale.


To Contact us:


5505 Tschopp Rd.
Pleasantville, OH  43148


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