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Dad's Graduation Photo
Tri-State College of Engineering
Angola, Indiana 1952

"So, with that same eager enthusiasm, he accomplished the goal of getting his pilot's license, even, before he was old enough to drive a car."

The Fox Engineering Story

Elden G. Fox, P.E.-- Founder
(written by Son, James E. Fox)

He was known as a loving husband and father and as a talented engineer with a never ending desire to learn and to encourage others to do the same. 

Dad began his career in the engineering area of his life when he was in his early teens living on Pine Street in Newark, Ohio.  A minister, Rev. Doyle, of a nearby church took an interest in helping some of the young boys in the neighborhood by inviting them to come to his place to work on old radios.  This very minor event in Dad's life became the stepping stone for a lifelong interest in electrical & mechanical designs, and probably encouraged his already eager mind to explore any new area of life with greater interest and enthusiasm.

Dad was never afraid to explore new avenues of adventure and education.  For example, he used to ride his bicycle to the nearby Newark Airport to take flying lessons along with Bill Harvey, a friend from school .  That was a big step for a young man to take on his own, without any encouragement or financial assistance from home.  He would remind his mom to look for him in the sky when he flew over their house; he would tip his wings to signal it was him.  So, with that same eager enthusiasm, he accomplished the goal of getting his pilot's license, even before he was old enough to drive a car.

Later, he was accepted into Radio School in the US Air Force and spent time in the South Pacific on the Island of Guam, maintaining the Radio Communications and Navigation Equipment for the Allied Forces during World War II. 

So, the engineering tradition of our firm started with my father. As his experience continued in Industry, after receiving a degree in Electrical Engineering, he received his Professional Engineering (P.E.) License in 1959 and began his consulting career part-time while working as an engineer at Kaiser Aluminum. 

He has published engineering articles in trade magazines and held leadership roles in OSPE, AIEEE, and ASHRAE.  His experience in the Aluminum wire industry lead to his recommendations becoming part of our National Electrical Code. 

During this time Dad continued doing consulting projects which included such things as Restaurants, Cafeterias, Church Buildings, Football Fields, Dormitories, Parking Lots, Printing Facilities, FM Transmitter and Studio Facility, Commercial Garages, Storage Buildings, Machine Shops and Industrial Automation.  Because of his deep interest and commitment of Engineering, he encouraged others to be drawn into the same field.

I remember when I was about seven years old, Dad began to show me how to draw three dimensional pictures.  He drew a cylinder-shaped block of cheese with a wedged-shaped slice cut out, and then drew the different views of the block of cheese showing the top view, the side view, and the hidden lines - the way an engineer would depict details of a machine or structural sections of a building.  Dad continued these occasional training sessions developing inspiration by creative pictures, illustrations, and comic strip characters; as well as, by experiencing the hands-on enlightenment of playing with a model Erector set, Lionel-electric trains, Lincoln logs; assembling radios, sirens and 101 other electronic circuits.

Though Dad is gone, he is not forgotten, his talent for encouraging others to learn, continues to effect many to this day.

Dad, worked on radio transmitters on the Island of Guam during WW-II

Dad met Roseanna Beesler (Mom) in Newark, Ohio while at  home on military leave.

They were Married in 1950

Dad's experience in the Aluminum wire industry lead to his recommendations becoming part of our National Electrical Code. 

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