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Fox Mission


Our mission is to provide

"first-class" Engineering & Technical Assistance to Industrial, Commercial, Government & Residential Clients for the purpose of improving the quality of life for others and ourselves. We feel it's worth trying to "do it right the first time".


Our Services includes either short-term or long-term help for such things as planning, design, engineering, permit applications, architectural technologies, trouble-shooting, cost savings, technical research, inspection services,  computer man-machine interface controls, specifications, competitive bid-management, construction management, installation start-up, and debugging assistance.

Our Method of Performance:
We offer to perform inspections, engineering investigations, master planning, brainstorming assistance, research, design, concept sketches, and supervision services to complete special projects for our clients.

Usually, projects are divided into three phases, with steps leading to completion.  The normal Phase-1 flow of work is:  1) Scope development, 2) Gather Information, 3) Concept design, 4) Timeline chart,  CPM chart, Flow diagram and 5) Approval Review.  Phase-2 work takes the project through design, specifications & permits.  Phase-3 is Bidding and Build.  Phase-4 is Training (if needed), Maintenance Manuals, Spare-Parts, As-Built Drawings and Close-Out Project.

The Phase/Step method has proven to be especially helpful to both client and engineer by providing a measure of control, assuring that both are in agreement at all times with the scope, budget and progress.  We will work with you to find a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Our Resources:
Fox Engineering and Tech Services is an Association of Energetic Consulting Engineers, Inspectors, Technicians & Design-Build Partners - Serving Professionally Since 1959.

We have several part-time senior associates who are utilized as needed to help with special expertise or to assist during times of more workload.  We have found the help of these semi-retired professionals to be extremely valuable.

Experienced project management, design and CAD abilities, along with a lot of energy and commitment are the main ingredients in developing and implementing a wide range of assignments.

We desire our engineers and technicians to be considered an extension of your company or organization, experts at your fingertips.  We will work under your supervision and be on-call for special problems.  Our fees are based on either an hourly rate or a not to exceed contract limit.  One of our newest methods is a Monthly spending schedule, which can fit into your monthly budget; this can be part of a systematic approach to complete a project.  In other words you'll never get to the end of a project unless you start somewhere!  Ask for our help!

Our Commitment:
We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients.  We recognize the importance of meaningful communications and will spend time carefully listening to your needs.  We understand the value of scheduling regular meetings to achieve a quick route to solving any problems that otherwise may hinder progress.  We are also, willing to "partner" with other firms.  We are proud of our past experience of Engineering Projects.  Through family values and constant training and professional societies, we try to maintain strong ethical standards that include improving the quality of Life for others and ourselves.

You're In Control:
After the proposal phase has been approved and accepted by our client, engineering begins.  Each step will be followed in a critical path direction as described in the final accepted proposal.

Any Change in scope shall be approved and controlled by the owner or owner-representative until the phase is completed or discontinued.  Unfulfilled expectations are always attempted to be resolved in good faith through cooperation.  All designs are the property of the client unless otherwise agreed.  All confidential features identified by the owner as proprietary, will not be disclosed to benefit others.

So, We Have Experience, Resources, Methods and Commitment!

Ask us: … To write a proposal or... to meet with you about your project ideas.

To read more about our history, see "The Fox Engineering Story".

"We desire…to be considered an extension of your company or organization…"

Timeline Chart  or (Gantt Chart) for planning and tracking progress

Flow Diagrams for Process Controls  or Decision-Making Procedures

Brainstorming Group Planning


Master Planning or Task Force Meetings

Ask about our "Launching a New Idea" Power Point Presentation, to help get your project planning off the ground.

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