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   Thank you ! You have been the visitor..since we made this...... WOW !!

Work : Chris--Sales Manager, Baltimore Truck & Trailer
Work: Debbie--Webmaster, Web De§ign By §TAR

We live in OHIO. The best state in the USA.
The southeastern part of Ohio is the most beautiful part of the state.
That is why we live here, down in the hills.
Our town is really small, and the people are friendly, just the way we like it.

What we like to do in our spare time, here at home, is surf the internet.
Our favorite place to be on the internet is Point World and all the other 3D Virtual Reality worlds.
We meet a lot of GREAT people there. :)
You should check it out real soon.
You can get the Pointworlds browser here  
Get it and you will can visit all the 3D Virtual Reality worlds. COOL !

Get Pointworlds and come visit us and our friends in Point World.
If you don't have either of the browsers you will not be able to view Point World.
Or see the people floating around or the live chat. Thanx to blaxxun interactive Inc.

We use ICQ alot !! A great little program. Try it we know you will like it.
You can download it here...

These are our kids !

Aren't they cute..the little buggers LOL !

BRANDI 20 ---- JENNIFER 13 --- Jenny with puppy Molly

On to the good stuff !!

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