Family Histories and Genealogies

The following books were written by Carol Foss Swinehart

Gravestone Art: The Tombstone Cutters of Early Fairfield County, Ohio and Their Art. Fairfield County Chapter of OGS. Photographs by Douglas W. McCullough c1984

Jurg Micheal Schweinhard Family: The German Connection Jungholzhausen and Beyond Rev. Jun 1998

Jurg Micheal Schweinhard Family: The German Connection 1620-1790 c1986, rev. 1995 combined in the Jun 1998 revision above

Genealogy and History: George Swinehart Sr and Anna Catharine Zartman Family 1790-1979, c1980 most on this is also combined into the Jun 1998 edition with continual updates

The Genealogy and History of the Betz Family Eichtersheim to America 1732 - 1993, c1993

Ancestors and Descendants of Margaret Barbara Linnenkohl Foss 1540-1996 : From Lauterbach, Ober Eschbach and Frankfurt-am-Main, Hesse, Germany to Newark and Irvington, New Jersey and on to Athens and Fairfield County, Ohio c October 1996

Updated 2002

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