The Ancestors and Descendants


Carol Foss Swinehart


This database consists of birth, marriage and death date data for most of my direct line ancestors. Also included is information where available for collateral lines. Information was obtained from court records, church records, cemetery records, family bible records, ship lists, and published genealogies and histories. A quick glance at the surname index will reveal a family of early Dutch ancestry with later German and Scot-Irish arrivals.

Note vital data for living persons other than a marriage date has been omitted. If "bef" is placed before a birthdate, it means that  the baptismal date has been used and should be read as on or before. If "bef" is used before a death date, the date used was the date the will was proved.

The compiler has more material than is included in this database especially on the Joralemons.. Very few living relatives remain in my later direct line ancestry so I am especially interested in hearing from those of you who are related to these lines.

If you have the following ancestors:  Abraham Pietersz Van Deusen & Tryntje Melchoirs and Pieter Jans Van Duersen and Pauline Vincke - you have ancestors in common with President Martin Van Buren,  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Elisabeth Kortright wife of  President James Madison.  If you have ancestors Cornelis Hendrickse Van Ness and his wife, Maritje Hendricks Van Den Burchgraeff and Hendrick Adiaensz Vanden Burchgraeff and his wife, Annetje Jans you have ancestors in common with President Martin Van Buren and his wife, Hannah Hoes. If you have ancestors Jan Jansen Van Briestede and Engelte Jans you have ancestors in common with Presidents Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Franklin's wife and cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt.

A special thanks to the many persons I have met on the internet who have contributed to this database and helped me correct my mistakes and add many new branches to my information.

copyrighted 8/16/99

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