Kertelyk Protocol Gemeinde Jesu Christ

tot Secund River

in Provintic van Nieuw Jersey
in Noord America

Records were copied as they appeared in the Dutch records.  If the spelling was incorrect it was copied as is.  If the date was missing a "nd" was put in the space.  If the name was missing "nn" was put in the space.  In formating these records the pastor normally placed the date next to each entry in the two right hand columns.  For some reason in the year 1747, only one date appeared for 3 pages and it was placed in the left handed column.  These dates are highlighted in peach.  As I interepted it at least on the first page the 1747 applied to all the entries, but the next two pages which follow in sort of a chronological order are not neccesarily the same year; more than likely they are though. You will have to come to your own conclusions.

Baptisms 1727-1729

Baptisms 1730-1735

Baptisms 1736-1741

Gap in records 1741-1747

Baptisms 1747-1749

More to come later

Transcribed  by Carol Swinehart 3/30/99

  This information can be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion.

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