Since the first week of October, 2003 (and as of 10-30-04) 284 copies of the book have been sold.  Those books have been sold
in FOURTEEN different states.  In that this book has often been referred to as a "local interest" book, these facts are saying the interest covers MORE than the city of Lancaster or even
 Fairfield County.  Naturally, wherever children who were
raised at the Home went AFTER they left Lancaster, their
interests followed them.   We are pleased to report such
distribution in the United States is represented.

We just have approximately 50 copies left so if you want to get one, it would be advisable to order one before they are gone.
There are no plans (in the works) to reprint this book.

WHAT BOOK?  The history of the
Fairfield County Children's Home

Enjoy history - reserve your copy today

208 pages of
history, personal
stories, public records
and items of interest
from 1824 to 1982

Over 70 photos ---
former residents,
activities, events,
pictures to appreciate

Written and compiled
by Lancaster natives,
Bill & Jean Venrick

An abridged index is included also. There are MANY local names listed 
throughout the book -- names that will be recognized, as well as places
of interest to life-long residents of Lancaster & Fairfield County.

You may purchase the book by simply
calling us: (740) 654-3072
OR go into this web site further 
and use the on-line ORDER FORM.

For those who want to "look before buying",
and if you live in or near Lancaster, Ohio, you
can SEE the book at the Fairfield County District Library
in Lancaster, downtown on Broad Street and its branches.
Catalog (shelf) Reference:  977.158 VEN
Our book is also in the Hannah McCauley Library
at Ohio University - Lancaster (Ohio) branch.

by e-mailing your order 
for this long awaited book about
The Fairfield County Children's Home