2006 AAPA Convention:

More Fun in Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio, was the location for the American Amateur Press Association 2006 convention hosted by Convention Chairperson Susan Petrone on Thursday, August 10, through Sunday, August 13. The site was the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Cleveland.

You can browse a group of convention pictures provided by Gary Bossler, which includes the official convention photo.

The three issues of Gary Bossler's daily convention paper Clippings From Cleveland are available in the AAPA E-Journal Archive (PDF format).

The September 2006 issue of American Amateur Journalist contains articles about the convention from several attendees.

The People Involved

Convention chair Susan Petrone provided the following information from her notes.

Members attending (* indicates family member), 29 total:
Greg Boose (recently of Chicago, IL), Gary Bossler (Masillon, OH), Linda Donaldson (Portsmouth, OH), Ken Faig (Glenview, IL), Max Feland (Windsor, CA - grandson of Ray Jerland, joined at convention), David George (Cupertino, CA), George Hamilton (Vienna, Austria), Lee Hawes (Tampa, FL), Michael Jacobs (Dayton, OH - grandson of Jack Scott), Ray Jerland (Eureka, CA), Samuel & Paul* Jero (Yellow Springs, OH), Ken Kulakowsky (Lancaster, PA), Jiyani Lawson (Portland, OR), Fred Liddle (Tampa, FL), Guy Miller (Springfield, OH), "Stan" Pekala (Warren, MI), Susan Petrone & Mike Daugherty* (Susan's husband -- both Cleveland, OH), Jeff Schroff (Galion, OH), Barry Schrader (DeKalb, IL), Jack Scott (Mt. Vernon, OH), Sky & Johanna* Shipley (Kampsville, IL), Ivan Snyder (Portland, OR), Dale Starr (Columbus, OH), Bill Venrick (Lancaster, OH), Jack Visser (Wooster, OH), and Tom Whitbread (Austin, TX).

Guests attending, 9 total:
Danny "Tex" Kelly (Cleveland, OH), Judy Kulakowsky (Lancaster, PA), Wade & Rebecca Leakey (Pittsburgh, PA), Betty Liddle (Tampa, FL), John Long (New York, NY), Lena Schroff (Galion, OH), Bob Tauber (Columbus, OH), and Zachary Karabtak (friend of member Michael Jacobs, Dayton OH).

Debra Bachelder, bookbinder (Mt. Gilead, OH); Liz Maugans, Managing Director, Zygote Press (Cleveland, OH); Cris Rom, Library Director, Cleveland Institute of Art (Cleveland, OH); John Piché, independent publisher, Love Bunni Press (Cleveland, OH); and Ann Sindelar, Reference Supervisor, Western Reserve Historical Society library (Cleveland, OH).

Other assistants (all of Cleveland, OH):
Maggie Petrone assisted with registration, Nicki Petrone took the convention photo, and Noelle Powell assisted at the picnic.

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