1998 AAPA Convention Photos

Over 50 people attended the 1998 convention of the American Amateur Press Association, held in Tampa, Florida, during May 14 - 17. Members came from as far away as Paris, France, and Santiago, Chile, to enjoy a relaxing but informative weekend.

Greg McKelvey took the following pictures during the convention:

Convention Chairman Lee Hawes
Picture of Lee Hawes
Fred Liddle
Picture of Fred Liddle
President Dean Rea
Picture of Dean Rea
Chairman of the Board Les Boyer
Picture of Les Boyer
Official Editor Mike O'Connor
Picture of Mike O'Connor
Mailer Jack Scott
Picture of Jack Scott
Director Len Carrick
Picture of Len Carrick
Laureate Judge John Vaglienti
Picture of John Vaglienti
Laureate Judge Barry Schrader
(looking over auction items)
Picture of Barry Schrader
Typesetters Bill Justice & Dave Tribby preparing the convention paper
Picture of typesetters in action
Auctioneer Sky Shipley
Picture of Sky Shipley
Auctioneer Assistant Johanna Shipley
Picture of Johanna Shipley
Al Fick
Picture of Al Fick
Harry Spence
Picture of Harry Spence
Linda Donaldson
Picture of Linda Donaldson
John Horn
Picture of John Horn
Joanna Fox
Picture of Joanna Fox
Charlie Bush
Picture of Charlie Bush
Barry Schrader and the Scotts
Group picture
Marge Petrone and Len Carrick
Group picture

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