1998 AAPA Convention:

Sixth Time in Tampa

by David M. Tribby

Over 50 people attended the 1998 convention of the American Amateur Press Association, held in Tampa, Florida, during May 14 - 17. Members came from as far away as Paris, France, and Santiago, Chile, to enjoy a relaxing but informative weekend.

Convention chairman Lee Hawes has participated in numerous AAPA conventions and hosted successful Tampa gatherings in 1966, 1971, 1981, 1986, and 1991. He was assisted by fellow Tampa member Fred Liddle.

The first function on opening night, Thursday, May 14th, was dinner at the Valencia Garden restaurant.

Friday morning's session started at 9:30 with a word of welcome from the convention committee and reports from officers (Official Editor Mike O'Connor, Mailer Jack Scott, Manuscript Manager Joe Gardner, Board of Directors chair Les Boyer, and President Dean Rea). Speakers during the day included Dave Tribby ("AAPA on the Web"), Marge Petrone ("Writing for Play...and Plays"), Joanna Fox ("AAPA From an Almost-New Member's Point-of-View"), Jim Anderson ("Olde Mill House Gallery & Printing Museum, Homosassa"), and the team of Len Carrick, Fred Liddle, & Harry Spence ("How to Maintain Regularity...in Publishing, That is"). The traditional visit to a Chinese restaurant (Ho Ho's) was Friday night.

Saturday's presenters included Dean Rea ("How to Introduce Friends to Picas, Press and Printing"), Al Fick & J.Hill Hamon ("Poe-e-try For You and Me"), Don Brady ("Miniature Books"), and J. Hill Hamon ("Writing One's Memoirs, Part II"). In the afternoon Sky Shipley, assisted by his wife Johanna, led a fast-paced auction that raised $820.

The banquet Saturday night included presentation of awards:

The picnic at Fred and Betty Liddle's wound up festivities on Sunday afternoon. Members finished setting type for the convention paper, which Fred will print for distribution in the bundle.

Greg McKelvey took electronic pictures during the convention. Twenty of the photos are available for viewing.

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