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Support Central: Web Developers

Green Apple has a state-of-the-art network for hosting websites. Some of the features which make us attractive for hosting include:

  • Decades of combined Internet experience since 1995

  • Redundancies built into our network

  • Use of industry standards in server hardware and software.

  • Technologies available to hosted websites including PHP, ASP, CGI, MySQL, Access DB, and FrontPage Server Extensions

  • Willingness to work with local designers and developers to ensure quality hosting experiences

We hope the following resources will be helpful to developers using our hosting services.  If you are a developer or designer, and have questions, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail or give us a call.
Resources On The Web

HTML Tutorials & References:
    Beginners Interactive Tutorial
    HTML Primer
    Introductory/Advanced W3 Tutorial on HTML
    Case Western Reserve University
    W3Schools - Tutorials & Reference

HTML Cleaning:
Office 2000 Tag Stripper
    Tidy Web Page Cleaner
W3 HTML Validation Service


    W3Schools - Tutorials & Reference

PHP, ASP, and Development Resources:
    The PHP Resource Index
    Microsoft MSDN (ASP)

    Macromedia Flash Developers Center

Graphic Design:
Adobe Studio
    About.Com Graphic Design Resource

Web Servers:

    Apache (Unix)
    IIS (Windows)

Search Engines / Website Marketing:
    Search Engine Watch
    High Rankings SEO Forum
    MarketLeap SEO Marketing Tools


Resources On Green Apple

Domain Registration
    Website Hosting

 Additional Mailboxes
 List Serving
    Online Cataloging

System Info:
    Installing Time, Date, and Hit Counters
    Apache / PHP Configuration
     Using A Domain Name In Email
     Website Hosting A Domain

White Papers and Tips:
 Internet Marketing Primer
    Submitting To Search Engines
    Creating And Installing A Homepage
    Meta Tag Info
    Mailing Lists

Software Setup and Usage:
    FrontPage XP
    FrontPage 2000
    FrontPage Express


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