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Support Central: Internet Software
Custom Internet Browsers >
To simplify connecting to Green Apple and to provide existing subscribers the fastest route to upgrading to the latest browser software, our custom browser library contains the latest versions of the popular Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator software.

Tucows >
Our primary Tucows affiliate mirror contains a collection of freeware and shareware software for users of Windows based PCs. With many Gigabytes of Internet freeware and shareware, you are bound to find the Internet application you need.

Tukids >
Tukids is a family oriented service from the Tucows network, categorizing great entertainment and educational software by age group for kids, parents, and teachers.

PDACentral >
PDACentral, part of the Tucows network, maintains volumes of great software for handheld, portable computing devices, like WinCE appliances and the 3Com Palm Computing family.

HTML, part of the Tucows network, maintains programs, resources, and tips for artists, designers, webmasters, and programmers in the html field.


  AllMacintosh >
An extensive library of all types of software for Apple computers running Mac OS.

Linuxberg >
PC users who want to get the most out of their hardware - and walk on the wild side - know they need to run Linux. Really? Okay, well, so you've got Linux installed -- now what? Check out our Linuxberg mirror for more software than you can shake a stick at, and see why Linux is all the rage.

GamingPlace >
Now that you've got a Pentium III PC with more RAM than your first computer had hard disk space and that nifty new 3D accelerator card, you might as well download something that will show off what your beast can REALLY do. Try the latest demos of cutting edge games right here or download another version of Tetris if that's your thing.

Themes >
Tired of the same old Windows teal and blue color patterns and typing everything in Times New Roman? Soup up your PC's look with custom themes and thousands of freeware fonts from our Themes mirror.

Office >
Tucows Office is the largest collection of home and office software applications. Everything from accounting programs to software that helps out with your hobbies can be found here.


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