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Support Central: Email Management and Security
  Email Management
Documenation LibraryA guide to using the "Email Management" section of My Account. Learn how to add or remove mailboxes and manage mailbox filters, forwards, and aliases.
  Email Security System
Documenation LibraryLearn about Green Apple's Email Security System, a powerful and effective system for fighting spam and viruses, and how to use it to control your email security settings.
  Spam FAQ
SpamSpam is any unsolicited communication, generally sent by email and usually commercial in nature. This FAQ provides information on spam and how to fight it.
  Phish FAQ
Virus/SpywareUnder development.
  Virus FAQ
Documenation LibraryThe Virus FAQ provides background on what viruses are; how they spread; how to avoid them; guidelines to follow if your machine has been infected; and links to resources on the Internet.
  Spyware FAQ
Virus/SpywareSpyware is PC software that interacts secretly with servers on the Internet, usually for marketing purposes. Spyware is often spread by email. For more, see the Spyware FAQ.
  Virus Weather Map
Documenation LibraryComputer viruses are a world-wide problem. The Virus Weather Map is a real-time, visual representation of virus reports from around the globe
  Email Addressing Using A Domain
Virus/SpywareThis document describes how to use your domain name in email. Learn how to create aliases @your_domain and point them to your mailbox.
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