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Support Central: Search Engines

Top Recommendations > is a hierarchical search engine maintained by human 'guides' who carefully research and grade similar content available on the Internet. The addition of the human element ensures highly accurate, targeted results to broad searches, and prevents mismatches, misinformation, and dead links. "No matter how advanced technology gets, it'll never replace smart people who care."

AskJeeves >
Over the years, AskJeeves has gained notoriety for serving correct answers to natural questions. AskJeeves, which is powered by it's own search engine named Teoma, is innovating "invisible tabs" in it's SmartSearch technology today. This crawler and editor based search engine continues to be a leader in providing excellent results.

Google >
Google is one of the top search engines today, earning high praise for the relevancy and amount of quality results returned. In addition, Google provides specialty search capabilities for products, local-only sites, Q&A, and images among many others. Google is a crawler based engine and uses a multitude of factors to provide arguably better results than most engines.

Open Directory >
Open Directory (also known as DMOZ) focuses on directory based searches, similar to, but without the guide part. Human editors ensure highly accurate and relevant sites make up the directory. Unlike the popular search-box engines, directories like this one are best utilized by manually digging down by topic rather than letting the engine decide results based on keywords.

Yahoo! >
Yahoo! is one of the top search engine and entertainment search portal today. Yahoo! offers nearly everything imaginable on the web: free email, site hosting, chats, auctions, news, finance, sports -- the list goes on. Yahoo! is the Internet's oldest website directory and is the leading integrator of new content. Complimented by a monthly publication available at all newsstands, Yahoo! is the granddaddy of the Internet portals.


Strongly Recommended

Gigablast >
Gigablast is a new engine and gaining popularity. Although its index is smaller than most engines and it's algorithms are experimental, it provides dependable results. For a good alternative to the major search engines, Gigablast is worth a try.

Looksmart >
A unique search engine, Looksmart blends natural results and pay per submission results. Looksmart's natural results are powered by Zeal, a community based index of human reviewed sites. Search results could be described as blending the human touch of with the legitimacy benefit of Overture.

MSN Search >
MSN Search results are currently powered by Yahoo! Microsoft is in transition to offer its own search results coming as early as late 2004
and is highly anticipated to be a new leader in the search engine arena.

WebCrawler >
WebCrawler is a meta search engine, creating results that are a blend of the popular search engines, unlike HotBot. Results are blended from Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, Teoma, FindWhat, LookSmart, and many more searches.

Also Recommended

AltaVista >
Once considered the king of search, Altavista now owned by Yahoo! provides a clean, simple interface returning Yahoo! search results, but without all the features, bells, and whistles of Yahoo's website.

HotBot >
HotBot's strength is in providing searching of Yahoo!, Google, and Teoma in one site, but the results are not blended. Once a popular search engine, it now serves as a smaller, unique engine owned by Terra Lycos. The engine's familiar wild color scheme when it was partners with Wired Magazine still continues today.

Overture >
A unique search engine indexed by partnered advertisers based on a pay per submission bidding mechanism. By charging a listing fee and tightly managing the database, searches will provide accurate results to legitimate web space. Additionally, since generates revenues from submitted hosts, they can afford to abandon the "features" typical on other portals: ads, chats, free email, etc.

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