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V.92 Modem Protocol
doc title: V.92 Modem Protocol
orig date: 07-28-02
last update: 07-28-02

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This document is meant to provide information about the modem protocol standard V.92 for 56K modems. Green Apple has received and continues to receive many questions from our subscribers concerning this standard. It is by way of answering the most common questions regarding it that we have put together this document. We will continue to update it as more information becomes available.

What is V.92

V.92 is the successor to the V.90 modem standard. V.92, together with V.44 compression, improves the quality and throughput of a modem connection. V.92 introduces, as well, three new features: Modem-on-hold, PCM Upstream, and Quick Connect. Utilizing call-waiting through the phone company, Modem-on-hold enables the modem to stay connected, ‘on hold,' while you take an incoming call or initiate an outgoing call. PCM Upstream raises the maximum upstream rate from 33.6K to 48K. Quick Connect shortens the time it takes to make a connection by remembering the phone line characteristics and storing them for later use, cutting the time for the modem handshake (the noise you hear at the start of a modem session) by up to half.

What is V.44

V.44 is a new link-layer compression technology bundled with V.92 that allows for 6 to 1 text compression -- this is a speed increase of up to 50% over V.42bis (the technology used by V.90). With a maximum V.92 connect speed and V.44 data compression, it is possible to achieve better than a 300Kbps rate on certain transfers.

Our Experience with V.92

We have tested V.92/V.44 on a number of modems. Our test show good improvement to transfer rates in general and outstanding improvement to text transfer rates. The Modem-on-hold feature is very exciting and should enable users to better manage the sharing of their voice and data calling. Unfortunately, many modem suppliers are not yet ready with software which enable this feature; we suspect this will improve over the coming months. PCM Upstream is a proprietary extension of V.92 from 3Com/U.S. Robotics and of limited value to many users; the Quick Connect feature only slightly lowered the connect time.

Should I Upgrade to V.92?

If your modem is software upgradeable, yes. V.92 will improve the performance of web and email activity, provide a more reliable connection, and connect slightly faster. Modem-on-hold, if available for your modem and should you have call-waiting, provides a nice option for using the Internet, perhaps leading to eliminating a second phone line and making your access overall more cost-effective. Even if your phone line conditions are less than optimal and do not allow for a 56K-type connection, V.92 should bring an improvement to the connection quality and throughput.

Likewise, if you need to purchase a new modem, purchase one with V.92 support. But read the box! There are reports of modems are being sold as V.92 which require an upgrade; other reports are that some manufactures are shipping modems with V.92, but not bundled the V.44 technology.

How do I upgrade my 56K modem to V.92

That will depend upon your pc or modem manufacturer. Many manufactures provide free and easy to use software to accomplish the upgrade. To find out if your modem is upgradeable and what the steps are to upgrading you can check with your pc or modem manufacturer. Manufacturers who have upgrades available generally have them posted on their websites. For information on upgrading modem software, links to many manufacturers websites and additional information, please see: Or give Green Apple a call, we'd be glad to help!

As an aside, manufacturers are continually making improvements to their V.92 software; even if your modem is currently V.92, it is a good idea to check with the manufacturer's website every couple of months to see if they have released a new firmware or driver for it.

Useful links for V.92

A partial list of modems that support V.92

Agere (Lucent)

·         Chipset model DSP1648C

Creative Labs -

Conexant -

Global Village -

·         Teleport v92

Phoebe Micro -

·         Rocket V.92 Express (1456VQH-R3)

Sonic Blue(Diamond) -

·         USB  2920 - Part number 32680001-005 or -006

·         SupraSST  2770

·         56i Pro SP  2840

·         56i Pro DFV  2850

US Robotics(3Com) -

·         005686-03

·         325686-03

·         3CP5610A (005610-01)

·         3CP325610A (325610-01)

·         3CP5610A-VAR-20

·         215686-03

·         215686-C3

Zoom -

·         3005

·         3025C

·         3025L

·         3025N

·         3048L

·         3049L

·         3075L

·         3076L

·         3090

Computer manufactures that have V.92 support available for download


Conexant HCF V90/V92 USB Data Fax Modem Driver for Windows

Models supported (see website for details)

·         Evo D510 Ultra-slim Desktop - All Models

·         Evo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop - All Celeron Models

·         iPAQ C500/810e, C700/815e, C800/815e, P500/810e, P733/810e, P866/815e, P1.0/815e

Conexant HSFi V92 MiniPCI Modem Drivers

Models supported (see website for details)

·         Evo N115 - All Models

·         Evo N160 - All Models

·         Evo N180 - All Models

·         Evo N800v - All Models

·         Evo N800c - All Models

·         Evo N1000v - All Models

·         Evo N1000c - All Models

·         Evo N1005v - All Models

Compaq Mobile Lucent V.92 Modem Drivers

Models supported (see website for details)

·         Evo N400c - All Models

·         Evo N600c - All Models

·         Evo N800v - All Models

·         Evo N800c - All Models

·         Evo N1000v - All Models

·         Evo N1000c - All Models





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This document is copyright Green Apple, Inc, 1995-2007.  Permission is granted for the free distribution of it provided that its contents, including this notice, are not in any way altered. Green Apple disclaims all responsibility of fitness and suitability of this document. User is responsible for any software they download or install. It is incumbent upon User to read and obey copyright and licensing notices of all the software they use.

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