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Microsoft Entourage 2001
doc title: Microsoft Entourage 2001
orig date: 06-17-01
last update: 06-17-01

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Entourage 2001 is the journal, email and scheduling client included with the Mac Office 2001 suite. The following assumes that Entourage 2001 has been installed correctly. For more help than that which is provided here, see its 'Help' pull-down menu.

Entourage 2001 does not provide newsgroup access. In order to view the Usenet groups, you must configure an external program, such as Outlook Express, for this function. Green Apple provides documentation on these programs in our support library.

Configuring Entourage 2001 for Email

  1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  2. On the Mail tab, click New.
  3. In the Account Setup Assistant box, type your name. Click the arrow to advance to the next screen.
  4. In the Internet Mail Address box, type the email address that is provided by your ISP, and then click the arrow to advance to the next screen.
  5. In the Email Server Names dialog box, click the My Incoming Mail Server box, and then click POP3.
  6. In the Incoming Mail box, type:
  7. In the Outgoing Mail box, type:
  8. In the Account ID box, type: <your GA login>
  9. In the Password box, type: <your GA password>
  10. In the Account Name box, type a descriptive name for the account. This is a display name, and is not an item provided by your ISP or administrator.
  11. Click Finish.

Modifying An Existing Email Configuration

  1. Select Tools > Accounts.
  2. Highlight the email account you want to modify and hit the Properties button.
  3. Under General tab, enter
        Mail Account:
        User Information: <your name>
        Organization: <your organization, if applicable>
        Email address: <your login>
        Reply address: [leave blank]
        [x] Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing
  4. Under Servers tab, enter
        Server information
           My incoming mail server is a [POP3] server
           Incoming mail (POP3):
           Outgoing mail (SMTP):
        Incoming Mail Server
           Account name: <your login>
           Password: <your password>
           [X] Remember password
           [ ] Log on using Secure Password Authentication
        Outgoing Mail Server
           [ ] My server requires authentication
    Hit OK
  5. Hit Close to close the Accounts window

Composing And Sending An Email

To compose and send an email, you must bring up the email composer. To do this select Compose > New Message or click on the 'Compose Message' icon on the toolbar.

The email composer is divided into four regions. From top to bottom they are pull-down menus, toolbar, message header, message text. As all other toolbars in Outlook, the buttons on it are also available in the pull-down menus.

As an example, lets suppose we wanted to send a simple hello to our friend Joe who has an email address of We also want to send the same hello to our friends Betty and Sal having email addresses of and, respectively. However, we do not want Joe or Betty to know that Sal has gotten a copy of the email as well (called a Blind Carbon Copy). The message header and message text of the composer window would look like

Subject: Hello there


Hello there. Hope things are well for you and Betty and Sal. I have sent Betty a copy of this email.

All the best.



To send this email, we would then select File > Send Message Using or hit the 'Send' icon on the toolbar. This does not send out the email, but puts it into your Outbox folder. To send it out onto the Internet, from the main window of Outlook 2000 select Tools > Send and Receive or click the 'Send and Receive' icon on the toolbar.

There are other functions which can be done through the email composer such as sending files text and non-text files, creating an address book and more. For these features and others, please read through the help information that is found under the 'Help' pull-down menu.

This document is copyright Green Apple, Inc, 1995-2007.  Permission is granted for the free distribution of it provided that its contents, including this notice, are not in any way altered. Green Apple disclaims all responsibility of fitness and suitability of this document. User is responsible for any software they download or install. It is incumbent upon User to read and obey copyright and licensing notices of all the software they use.

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