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Support Central: Internet Access Helpdesk
Help Desk

The Internet Access Helpdesk is a service for our access subscribers and provides technical support, including free labor, for a range of issues affecting Internet access. Helpdesk support is available over the phone or in our office during regular business hours or by email. For complete contact information, click here.

The Internet Access Helpdesk provides

- Internet access configuration and troubleshooting.
- Virus / Spyware scanning and removal.
- Microsoft Windows Update facility support.
- Modem driver configuration and updating.
- Windows XP firewall basic configuration and updating.
- Support for a range of Internet applications for web, email, news, messaging and ftp.

Green Apple provides free labor as a part of the Internet Access Helpdesk for computer work for the above-mentioned issues, but we require the computer at our office, where we have tools, hardware and software, Internet access and staffing at hand. Computer work is generally completed within 48 hours of receiving all necessary material.

Green Apple has always aimed to provide the highest level of technical support to our Internet access subscribers. We have the staff, experience and skills to do so. However, all Helpdesk support is provided on a best-effort basis with no guarantee or warranty of any kind.

Helpdesk support is provided on a one subscriber / one computer basis. For service to secondary computers or to non-Green Apple subscribers, for service provided on-site, or for PC issues outside the Helpdesk's scope, Green Apple provides PC diagnosis, repair and support service. For more info, please see

Online Support Material

Green Apple is committed to helping people make good use of the Internet. We provide extensive online support in the form of documentation and software. This material is available from the Support Central portion of our website, and we welcome all Internet users to it and hope they find the material a benefit. Green Apple's Support Central is available at


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