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Support Central: Computer Services
Help DeskExpert.  Cost Effective.  Fast turnaround.

Need help with your computer? Our experienced and helpful staff is here to serve you! We provide computer support, repair, and upgrade for a spectrum of computer hardware and software issues, including computer and peripheral setup, component installation, file backup and recovery, file transferring, OS installation, device drivers, and all manner of troubleshooting. Services are billed hourly and are available to Green Apple subscribers and non-subscribers.

Professional, On-site Computer Services are available for businesses and organizations alike.

Computer Services include, but are not limited to:

Diagnosis for fault discovery or upgrade evaluation.
Hardware installation. Cpu, floppy, cd/dvd, i/o cards, power supply, fans.
Hard drive installation and initialization.
File backup and recovery. File transfer.
Operating system installation, upgrade and configuration.
Application installation, upgrading and troubleshooting.
Peripheral setup. Printers, cameras, scanners.
Device driver installation, updating and configuration.
Home and small office wired / wireless network setup.
Internet access configuration and troubleshooting.
Antivirus / Anti-spyware installation, configuration and updating.
Virus / Spyware scanning and removal.
Firewall configuration and updating.
Support for a range of Internet applications for web, email, news, messaging and ftp.

Services are provided at our new Service Center in the Plaza Shopping Center in Lancaster next to Carnival Foods. Services are $40/hour and are billed to the nearest quarter hour, with half an hour minimum. For onsite service, please call.

The computer and network services available at our new Service Center are offered to both subscribers of our Internet access services (DSL, Accelerated Dialup and Dialup) and non-subscribers. If, however, you are an access subscriber, you save 15% on any billable in-office service (discount does not apply to parts). And, as always, Green Apple provides Internet Access subscribers free scanning and removal of computer virus and spyware and additional support relating to Internet access services (limitations do apply).

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