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Support Central
  Internet Access Helpdesk
Documenation LibraryThe Internet Access Helpdesk is a service for our access subscribers and provides technical support, including free labor, for a range of hardware and software issues affecting Internet access service. Helpdesk support is available over the phone or in our office during regular business hours or by email.
  PC Services
Need help with your computer? Our experienced and helpful staff is here to serve you! We provide PC support, repair, and upgrade for all types of computer hardware and software issues, including computer and peripheral setup, component installation, OS installation, and troubleshooting.
  Email Management and Security
Virus/SpywareLearn to manage and protect your email. Find out how to add a mailbox. Discover Green Apple's powerful Email Security System: how it fights spam, viruses, and spyware, and how you can control your email security. Get the latest on viruses and spyware.
  Documentation Library
Documenation LibraryThe documentation library is an organized collection of Green Apple's support documents. Available is information on setup and usage for Internet access, web browsers and email; glossaries on Internet terms; faqs on spam, viruses, and spyware; guides to web publishing; and more.
  Custom Internet Browsers
Search EnginesTo simplify connecting to Green Apple, our custom browser library contains versions of the popular Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator software. This software is provided to support users with Mac OS 9.x and earlier and Windows 2000 and earlier. Current Mac and Windows versions have browsing software pre-bundled with the operating system.
  Search Engines
Info for Web DevelopersLinks to the most popular search engines. Includes a brief description of the engine and an entry box for keyword searching.
  Web Developers
Search EnginesWe have a robust, state-of-the-art environment for the development and hosting of Internet websites. This section introduces our capabilities and support services to web developers who are interested in partnering with us for development or hosting service.
  Accelerated Dialup
Custom BrowsersCustomer care pages for Green Apple's Accelerated Dialup. Use these pages to learn how to install the client application and use Accelerated Dialup with your Green Apple Dialup service.

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