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Development: Website Design and Development

Web DevelopmentWe're the One Stop Shop for Your Website.

We have an experienced and capable team of web designers bring your website to life. Whether you are looking to increase visibility or to find a new sales channel, Green Apple will work with you to define and achieve goals for your website. We bring together any necessary services such as web hosting and domain registration to ensure a development solution fit for you. Rest assured, our knowledge of design, implementation, and maintenance takes the pain out of the development process. After your website is completed, we can maintain the website for you or provide FrontPage Training to update the website yourself. We can meet with you if your business is local. These areas include Lancaster, Pickerington, Canal Winchester, Bremen, Logan, and Columbus Ohio and the Fairfield county area. If you are outside of these areas, we can arrange other ways to meet if necessary.


Types of Website Design and Development We Do
We create and maintain a wide variety of websites, from small to medium sized businesses. If you are looking to start a website, let us create it. If you have an existing site, let us maintain it. Whether you need minor photo changes, text changes, or a complete website redesign, we can help. Additional services we provide to our clients include: graphic design, photo scanning & optimization, Flash animation, eCommerce and online cataloging, programming, scripting, and database and custom functionality. We can also provide search engine optimization and can provide useful advice/consulting on search engine marketing (paid and organic).

We also provide superior, in-house domain name registration, web hosting, and email management services, making us your one-stop-shop for web development and web design.

Featured Examples Of Our Web Development Work

Fairfield County, Ohio Official Website (New)

Web Design, Graphic Design, JavaScript, CSS, Web Hosting

Smith Myers & Associates (New)

Web Design, Graphic Design, CSS, Custom JavaScript


Nixon Fish Farm & Water Gardens (Recently Updated)

Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom JavaScript, CSS, Web Hosting, Domain Registration

The Fairfield County Bar Association (Recently Updated)

Database Driven Pages, Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom JavaScript, Web Hosting, Domain Registration


>> Full list of our development clients

Distinctive Homes (Recently Updated)

Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom JavaScript, Web Hosting, Domain Registration


Laura's Pistol Shooting

Custom Course Registration Application, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Hosting


Klamfoth, Inc.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom JavaScript, Web Hosting, Domain Registration


Cable Ties Unlimited

CARGO eCommerce, Online Catalog, Order Handling, Credit card processing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration


Ready to get started? Want more information?
Contact Jason at 866-653-9890 or send an email to

Our Web Development Process
Here is a very general process that many of our projects follow:

Stage 1: Website planning

1This is the heart of the process. Here we define and establish framework/specifications for your project. We will work with you to sketch out a design (or multiple ones if needed). At this point, a suitable domain name is discussed and then registered for you. For mid to large websites and custom development, a proposal will be created for you. At this stage, you will want to begin planning your website into your marketing plan.

Stage 2: Website creation
Our team of web developers go to work for you bringing together necessary visual and informational technologies to get the job done. Our expertise in a wide variety of areas mean no project is too hard or too complex for us to tackle.

Stage 3: Initial site review
Once our team has completed a first draft, we will contact you to have a look at it. Most, if any, changes needed to the first draft are made at this stage.

Stage 4: Refinement
The duration of this stage can be any where from short to long in length depending on how many additions or changes are needed. Usually minor text or design changes are completed at this point.

Stage 5: Deployment
Your website is made public on our servers. At this point if you need search engine promotion, we can provide this help to you. You will want to make press releases, begin adding your website address to business cards, coffee mugs, flyers, etc to help increase traffic to your site.

Ready to get started? Want more information?
Contact Jason at 866-653-9890 or send an email to


The HTML Writers Guild Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce

Listed in the Columbus Web Designers Directory

Preferred Vendor in the Lancaster, Ohio Web Design Services Directory at


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