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  Online Fastener Catalogs
Fastener CatalogsOnline fastener cataloging solutions to manage every bolt, screw, nut, washer and pin in your product line. Accurate part, price and handling will retain and attract distributors and buyers. Receive and status RFQs and orders 24x7 while lowering processing costs. View demonstration.
  FIDOS Online Dog Licensing System
Online Dog LicensingFIDOS Online Dog Licensing System is a web-based dog licensing system. FIDOS saves counties and municipalities time and money by streamlining the license process. FIDOS is completely web-administered and features license form generation; barcode processing; credit card handling; online purchasing; multiple access tiers; and much more.
  Online Catalog and eCommerce
Online Catalog and Orders

Want to improve revenue and lower costs by having your product catalog on the Internet? Green Apple offers advanced solutions which bring together the elements needed for an effective online catalog, transforming your print catalog into a website which is dynamic, searchable, interactive, and ready to receive and process orders.


  Web Site/Application Development
Online Catalog and Orders

Looking for increased visibility on the web? Need to provide access to information stored in a database? Have a work process which would work great as a software application? Green Apple's experienced team can help deliver your website development or web application development projects.


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